Aflas Gaskets

are especially good at resisting steam and petroleum products

Cut Aflas Gaskets Solve Oil Patch Service Applications.

aflas gaskets

The term Aflas Gaskets is a trade name of Asahi Glass., LTD. Aflas is a unique material which is the result of the combination of materials including fluoroelastomer which is made using an elastomer and TFE/P. In other words, it is a blend of rubber and plastic.  In an oil patch application where steam is being applied for production secondary recovery, Aflas holds up better than other elastomers.  This has been tested and proven by Chevron / Mobil.

We have produced Aflas Gaskets to solve many chemical applications, therefore it is extremely useful in the chemical and petroleum industries. It has high electrical resistivity, oil resistance, as well as heat and chemical resistance.

-20°F to 400°F


        Amines, Phosphate Esters, Brake Fluids, Motor Oils, Engine Coolant, Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricants, Mineral Oil, Silicone Oil, Heat Transfer Media, and Acids and Bases.
        Petroleum fluids paired with other variables, such as steam, which is seen in production oil field well heads.
        Aflas allows you to have a high temperature elastomer that does well in steam, without breaking the bank.

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