Ameri-lon Gaskets

Ameri-lon products greatly reduce cold flow and have greater sealing ability than PTFE alone.

Ameri-lon is our unbranded PTFE based sheet gasket materials

Skived PTFE
ameri-lon gaskets

Ameri-lon products – Our full range of unbranded hybrid PTFE based materials. This includes EPTFE, and Biaxial (HS10) PTFE based materials.  The fillers used in Ameri-lon’s category of products, increase the physical properties of the PTFE, resulting in an exceptional gasket material with specific characteristics designed to seal difficult applications.  Each product in this category is proven to show less cold flow and demonstrate greater sealing ability.

Sichem is a branded biaxial oriented PTFE sheet sealing material with specially controlled micro-porosity and a closed-cell structure. It is off-white in color and is composed of microcellular modified PTFE, with inorganic fillers. Considered equal to Gylon.

Durlon 9000 Series – Gasket Resources produces this unique line using a proprietary skiving process that provides near-uniform tensile strength in any direction of the sheet. It also has an even dispersion of fillers. Considered equal to Gylon

Sichem HS10 Biaxial PTFE

Sichem HS10 Biaxial Filled PTFE

Sichem is an Italian made HS-10 process filled PTFE sheets. Sichem line of product includes microporosity and closed-cell structure sheets

Durlon 9002

Durlon "Skived" Filled PTFE

Durlon is an American made product that utilizes a unique proprietary skiving process. The process provided cold flow control and maintains consistent tensile strength around the gasket.


Max. Temperature: 500°F
Min. Temperature: -436°F


Like all of our Ameri-lon products, S60 was designed to limit cold flow associated with virgin PTFE.

If your application is not as demanding, S60 is our most affordable microcellular PTFE product, however like all of our microcellular products, S60’s highly compressible layers are still ideal for sealing non-metallic flanges with a low bolt load.

Most common cross-referenced to S60 is Garlock’s Gylon Style #3540 .

Ameri-lon Gaskets – Our unbranded Ameri-lon parallels the Sichem, Durlon and Gylon product lines.

AMERI-LON 9504 / Sichem S50

A truly re-structured PTFE gasket sheet with outstanding physical properties to be used in the most demanding applications. Any problems previously experienced by cold flow associated with shived PTFE sheets can be limited by choosing this Ameri-lon product. Ameri-lon 9504 is especially useful in applications where the available bolt load is low due to glass. Color: Blue

AMERI-LON 9510 / Sichem S33

A truly re-structured PTFE sheet with outstanding physical properties to be used in the most demanding applications. This Ameri-lon product has been specifically constructed with virgin PTFE with Barium Sulfate fillers. This unique combination provides limitations to both creep and cold flow in service and at temperature. Color: Off-White

AMERI-LON 9500 / Sichem S11

This Ameri-lon product is a premium re-structured PTFE gasket sheet with outstanding physical properties that can be utilized against the majority of strong acids, with the exception of hydrofluoric acid. Ameri-lon 9500 is composed of 100% PTFE and silica fillers. Color: Sand

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