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Flange gaskets are used to join or fit between two sections of pipe. The type of flange gasket required depends on the flange design.  We offer flange gaskets for Flat face, Raised Face, Ring Joint (RTJ), Male and Female, and Tongue & Groove flanges. We also offer Isolation gasket kits.

Flange Gasket Kits

Insulating gasket kits Isolates electrical conductivity

Flange Gaskets – In its most simple form, a flange gasket is used to join or fit between two sections of pipe. Typically, each pipe section has a flared area that provides a surface for the gasket to attach to. Two types of flange gaskets include Ring Gaskets and Full Face Gaskets. A ring gasket is a gasket with an inner diameter (ID) and an outer diameter (OD). A full-face gasket is similar to a ring gasket. The difference is full face flange gaskets have bolt holes (aligned in a bolt circle) in the surface area between the ID and OD. Both ring gaskets and full-face gaskets are available in metric and standard sizes, as well as a variety of thickness.

Flange Gasket Kits – We offer flange kits with standard non-asbestos, and flexible graphite gaskets (and other soft goods). We also provide insulation gasket kits that prevent conductivity from running the length of the pipe. Also called isolation kits, they have become a critical safety device for pipelines.

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Flange Gaskets

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