Spiral Wound Gaskets

Comprise with a mix of metallic and filler material and proven to be the most reliable sealing element.

For High Pressure Flange Applications

spiral wound gaskets
CGI, CG, spiral wound gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets are made of a steel tape that is formed into a V produce an energized recovery when compressed. Between the steel windings is a sealing material, usually flexible graphite, PTFE, non-asbestos, Mica, Ceramic or Vermiculite. The spiral winding is spot welded and can be mounted on a steel ring (on the I.D. or O.D.) or between two steel rings.

Spiral wound gaskets are recommended for refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, in chemical and power systems, and wherever pipe flanges are above 150# class and reliability is required.

Due to the construction design, the seals combine advantages of thermal and pressure resistance with the elasticity created by the V shape of the metal. By incorporating the sealing features of soft sealing materials like expanded graphite or PTFE. These gaskets seal efficiently with relatively low torque and are inflammable and resistant to a blowout.

Spiral wound gaskets are very suitable for applications featuring heavy operating conditions. They can be used for sealing pipe flanges, pumps, valves, boilers, manhole and handhold covers, tube covers, boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and compressors.

A spiral wound gasket may include a centering outer ring and inner ring or both. The outer ring mainly centers the gasket between flanges, while the inner ring provides strength to prevent winding collapse due to vacuum and also reduces internal turbulence and protects the sealing element.

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Spiral wound types


Brand / Type Flexitallic Lamons FMI / Sichem Durlon Leader Garlock
Basic Type R W RR D S SW
Outer Ring Type CG WR GR DR SR RW
Inner-Outer Ring Type CGI WRI GRI DRI SRI RWI
Inner Ring Type RIR RI SI
Low Stress version – 
Inner and Outer
Low Stress version
with Outer ring
High Temp 835 HT
Multi-Class Multi-Stress Multi-Stress


spiral wound gaskets chart
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Durlon - Gasket Resources
Leader Gasket Company
FMI - Sichem

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