Vegetable Fiber Gaskets

The gaskets are made using fish paper, which is an electrical insulation material that doesn’t have resins or bonding agents.

Gaskets cut from vegetable fiber

vegetable fiber gaskets

Vegetable fiber gaskets – The gaskets are made using vegetable fiber paper, which is an electrical insulation material, as well as an automotive-grade gasket material The material is pure and has high resistance against oil, some heat, and gasoline. Mainly used in original equipment gaskets. Also as an insulation gasket to insulate electric and electronic materials in the industry.

Vegetable fiber gaskets are strong but compressible!

Fish Paper is strong and compressible. It resists heavy pressure.  Applications include oils, water, alcohol, grease, and solvents. Used in distilleries, shipyards, equipment makers and industrial plants.

Our vegetable fiber gasket paper meets all USA federal, Military, S.A.E and A.S.T.M. specifications.

Beater addition and Non-asbestos materials are also available.


Excellent Punch Ability and Physical Strength


    Industrial Gaskets
    Excellent for oil-filled environments such as transformers.


Vegetable fiber sheet gasket materials  supplied to Industry for over 80 years.  Premier grade “vegetable fiber” sheet.

Cross references available. Contact the staff at American Seal & Packing to order today.

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