Kamm Profile Gaskets

A serrated surface under a conformable sealing material provides a low seating stress

Metallic Kamm Gaskets

kamm profile gaskets

Replace your jacked gaskets with newer technology.  Kamm profile gaskets are an excellent choice for worn heat exchangers. Fixed Guide Ring, Floating Guide Ring and Standard Ring designs are available.

We provide Kamm profile gaskets from Durlon, Leader, Lamons, and Sichem (formerly FMI-Spa).  The soft sealing material can be Flexible Graphite, PTFE, EPTFE, -or Mica. These gaskets are problem solvers in equipment that experiences thermodynamic expansion and the joint.

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kamm standard ring profile gaskets

Standard Ring

A serrated surface with a soft conformable sealing material provides a strong, solid gasket.

kamm guide ring profile gaskets

Kamm profile with Guide Ring

To help with alignment, this version of Kamm gasket (Kammpro LP2) comes with a guide ring.

kamm loose fitting guide ring profile gaskets

Loose fitting guide ring Kamm pro gaskets

These gaskets often replace spiral wound gaskets in ASME B16.5 flanges.

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