Metal Gaskets

We supply gaskets made of metal.  The most common types are shown below. AS&P can recommend the right type of metal gasket for your application. Our customers make use of soft, hard and semi-soft metals to provide practical solutions to application requirements.

Metal Flange Gaskets

metal gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets – is the most common type of metal gaskets.  Made up of pressure containing rings and metal windings with a sealing material placed between the windings.  Spiral wound gaskets were originally developed by Flexitallic. Today’s market offers multiple quality brands including Lamons, Leader Gasket, and Sichem. 


Kammprofile Gaskets – For applications requiring high-pressure sealing with a limited amount of low seating stress. Virtually a metal to metal seal. With flexible graphites 98%+ carbon content, the thermal dynamics of the gasket is very similar to the flange.


RTJ Gaskets – Are made for tongue and grove flanges and are literally a metal to metal seal. Typically manufactured to API 6A for wellhead equipment.  They also comply with ASME B16.20 sizes and ratings. Used in gas and oil exploration for high-pressure applications.


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Metal Gaskets

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